Arkansas Term Limits Submits Ballot Measure to Attorney General

Today, Arkansas Term Limits submitted a new ballot measure to the Attorney General’s office that, if passed, will restore the legislative term limits that were gutted last year by Issue #3.

This initiative will bring back the original chamber limits passed by voters in 1992 and 2004 — a limit of three two-year terms in the House and two four-year terms in the Senate, along with a ten-year limit on overall service.

To put term limits on the ballot, we’re going to need approximately 85,000 signatures from across the state. If you’d like to assist our team in gathering signatures for this effort, you can get involved by filling out the form HERE.

Remember: this campaign will decide whether we are governed by citizen legislators or career politicians moving forward. We don’t want our children and grandchildren shut out of the process by legislators who care more about getting re-elected than listening to their concerns.

I’m sure you feel the same, and that’s why we need to work together to restore term limits on the General Assembly.

Thank you for your support, and please stay tuned for further updates.

Bob Porto and Tim Jacob
Co-Chairs, Arkansas Term Limits

CLICK HERE to contribute $5 to the effort to Restore Term Limits. We have no support from special interests, so any citizen support goes a long way.