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Last year, crafty members of the General Assembly sneaked a measure past voters that wiped out the term limits Arkansas had in place for over two decades. In its place now stands a law written by politicians for politicians, that allows House and Senate members to serve 16 years in office. 16 years isn’t a term limit; it’s a career!

Restore Term Limits is a citizens initiative to collect 110,000+ signatures to put a measure on the November 4, 2016 ballot that would restore term limits on lawmakers in the House and the Senate. If passed, it would bring back the six-year House limit and the eight-year Senate limit Arkansas had for the last 22 years, while not permitting any member to serve in the General Assembly for longer than 10 total years.

This will ensure citizens have an opportunity to participate in state government and bring new ideas directly from their communities to the Capitol. We’ve seen in Washington, D.C. the damage caused by a government run only by career politicians. By supporting this initiative, we can make sure the Washington way stays in Washington.

What Happened to Our Term Limits?

  In 1992, 60 percent of Arkansas voters passed into law six-year term limits on the State House ...

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The Benefits of Term Limits

As Lord Acton famously said, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We’ve learned this lesson as our ...

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A Brief History of Term Limits

Term limits has been called “the largest grassroots movement in American history.” That’s because the idea has ...

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