120 Club Training

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Welcome to 120 Club training for Volunteer canvassers.

Our Petition Sheet is now available, receive your copy by registering and we will send you an email with the pdf version for printing or a phone number to order and have it mailed to you. 

Watching this short video will show you how to be successful in collecting signatures for getting Term Limit Amendment on the 2016 Ballot.

This video will get you up to speed on what is required to make sure your hard work is rewarded and counted by the Secretary of State’s Election Division.

There is a short video and a copy of the guidelines in a pdf format.

Please read and or print the pdf guidelines and then watch the video. Both the guideline and the video flow in order and on the video is how to properly fill out a Petition sheet.

After watching the training register with us below the video, as one of our 120 Club volunteer and we will set you up with options to get petitions to you so you can get started.

Petition Instructions

Below is a pdf guideline for your review. It’s safe to download and print. Use it to refresh on “how to” successfully collect signatures. Our contact information is on the guideline as well. We are here to help. Contact us as needed!!!!

Volunteers are our lifeblood 

Are you ready to join our 120 Club? If you’re ready, we need you to register with us so we can keep in touch and send you petitions as needed.

Please watch the training video before you register so you will understand how to be successful in collecting signatures.

Fill out the form below and this will set you up as a 120 Club volunteer.

We Love our Volunteers